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Social Emotional Learning

Does math make your child tense and uneasy?  Chool Bus can help you with math anxiety and overall performance through social emotional learning strategies.  If information "never seems to stick", your child may have been learning mindlessly.  SEL creates room for the mindful learner.
My all time favorite practice as a teacher is discovering my students metacognition.  Educational psychology defines metacognition as the art of "thinking about what you're thinking".  I find this understanding to be learning's hero without a cape.  

Sometimes what we call challenging is not the math at all but what the thoughts we're entertaining at the time we are learning.
Chool Bus help students seize mental moments with SEL activities. These are activities done a routine basis so that students can begin self moderating mental processing.



Image by Mathew Schwartz

What's on your mind?

The Mindful Problem Solver 

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