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Mastering math while keeping your Chool.

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Our Student of the Month
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April 2024
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My name is Kaden Akins and I am a senior at Cedar Hill High School.

I am going to major in mechanical engineering with plans to work in the automotive industry. I enjoy photography and all things automated. I am a follower of Christ and a member at OCBF. Ms Remi has helped me virtually during quarantine, but I have been meeting with Ms Remi weekly to prepare for college. She has helped me hone my skills in algebra and learn more about Calculus!



We don't stop at mastering standards ALONE.  We're driven to produce exceptional thinkers.  When the math is getting tough we keep Chool, and carry on.  

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 June 17 - August 2


Satisfied Clients

My daughter excelled in math heading toward her eighth grade in part from working with Oluremi over the summer prior.  From that point on math was "easy" to her.  She is now heading to college and has pretested out of quite a bit of math.  My two boys are working with her now.  It's exciting to see the lightbulbs flip on.  #firmFoundation


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About Oluremi


Howard University

B.S. Systems and Computer Science

American University

M.A. Secondary Mathematics

Finding a comfortable space in my mind for math is a gift I've shared with people throughout my life.  Problem solving has alway been my way to relax, it is a whimsical and numerical expression of intelligence.  Some people doodle, I number crunch.  Viewing math as  down-time enjoyment may be a bit far fetched but I can certainly unfold math as something simple and approachable.

My students say I can "break down" complex lessons into understandable bite size chunks.  This is true and I do so in a very fluid way, bringing continuity between what they already know and what they need to know.


Teaching content is one thing, teaching your child is another.  I recognize the importance of, first, being a student to your child's individual and dynamic way of receiving information.  I take what I learn and make necessary adjustments to his or her thinking patterns. In doing so,  I create a smooth teaching and learning flow and an effective use of your invested time with me.

 I look forward to adding value to your child with my expertise.       

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