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oh well OK so what are you looking for?  What is the length in inches of PQ? 


OK I think I’m looking for Q right now because I already have P. So yes you say that line means what is the length in inches of line...


That’s OK you know that if you need to change your logic you can.


actually think I’m good thanks so OK so tell me why you want to eliminat  these two, mathematically.   Mathematically, how can I.... we’re not going through the forest on the backs of  dinosaurs 


OK but this is never going to be there or not doing OK I I don’t think it’s 14 inches OK because it’s not 14 inches wide why do you have to use math and tell me why?


because this is 30 inches this can’t be 14 inches because while the lines LOOK are very similar in size based on what it looks like based on what it is


I do agree with you, but I don’t agree with your reasoning




OK 14 inches is too small why same exact if this is 30 inches this can’t be 14 inches hey so what it looks like yes now you can’t do none OK so now let me tell you why they say that OK I’m gonna say this is in 14 because since it’s similar to the shape over here, I see that this side is bigger yet it looks like it’s kind of the same size but the bottom line mathematically speaking sixteen is bigger than 12 and since this is similar this has the bigger than 30.


oh man oh now I have my answer!


OK what is it? It’s 34 inches


OK why not 44?


actually so based on a reasoning which one can you which ones should you eliminate 14? 40? 14 and 40 like 40 is way too big yeah it’s like that’s weird yeah and this although this one is a bigger it’s not Weiwei I support it in one minute eliminate the ones that use the 40 year old Salem oh you did OK OK and I think it’s 34 inches OK put a? Makes 34 I think it’s 34 because if this is 12 inches 3014 1516 OK and so if this is like a smaller version of this shit it’ll be Resume four more OK wait, never mind


OK why do you change your mind with? No I don’t change my mind. We do. I change my mind on. Don’t look at my face look at the OK sure I got this” Nick

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